Profile of Services

We view our clients as strategic partnerships rather than the typical client-vendor relationship so common throughout the industry. IRR offers a FULL REVENUE CYCLE SOLUTION.

Our services range from Acquisitions to Day 1 Billing/Early Out and Pre-Collect Programs to Bad-Debt Collections, Litigation, and front-end office solutions.s.

Below is a list of our services:

1. 3rd Party Debt Collections
2. 1st Party Early Out/Pre-Collect
3. Consulting
4. Pay for claims; upfront cash based on your AR
5.Credit Reporting/Credit Scoring
6. Skip Tracing/Data scrubs
7. Litigation
8. Judgment execution, asset recovery
9. Statement/Letter Design
10. Insurance Billing/Follow up
11. Acquisitions
12. Front end office solutions/ staffing resources
13. Virtual Agents-Domestic/Internationally
14. Call center Solutions, Telemarketing, Message Services, Call Blasting

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